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Terms & Conditions

       Puppy Purchase & breeder rights agreement-
This agreement is made, and hereby entered into on the date listed below, beetween Ivy League Chihuahuas (Mechelle Mann and Jamie Wurch) here after referred to as "seller", and the party listed below, here after referred to as "buyer", for the purpose of setting forth the terms and conditions of the purchase and breeding rights by the buyer of a puppy.

The seller requires that the buyer takes the puppy to a veterinarian within the first 72 hours after taking it home and emails a copy to seller ( If upon examination the veterinarian finds that said puppy is not in good health, the buyer must notify the seller within 24 hours. The seller reserves the right to a second veterinarian opinion for a refund of the full purchase price. The seller has no obligation to reimburse the buyer for any costs incurred (medical, etc.)

The buyer agrees to maintain preventative healthy care of the puppy including but not limited to: vaccines, internal and external parasite prevention and monthly heartworm medications as recommended by a veterinarian.

Seller recommends supplementing your new puppy with Nuvet Plus. This provided and immunity booster and gives proper vitamins and minerals. Order at order code 268141. Seller recommends pet insurance to cover accidents and or regular vet expenses.

This puppy is to be sold as a pet and companion only and not for breeding purposes. The buyer agrees to have the puppy spayed or neutered between 6-8 months of age. The buyer agrees to supply proof of neutering or spay and the the proof must be submitted on the veterinarian letter head, be dated and signed and contain the phone number of the vetrinarian that performed the procedure. The buyer also affirms that their purchase is for a "pet home" only and not for breeding purposes. If the purchased puppy is used to produce a litter, the breeder will be entitled to be compensated for breach of contract. The buyer then agrees to pay the breeder and additional $2000 above the purchase price of the original puppy and $2000 per puppy that is sold from the whelping. The general health gurantees as well as the genetic guarantee becomes void if the spay/neuter contract is violated. This is meant to protect our reputation and bloodlines.  

The buyer agrees to maintain preventative care of the puppy in reguards to hip dysplasia such as proper nutrition using a high quality premium dog food, no raw diets tell they reach one year old; age appropriate exercise, preventing stress injuries and keeping puppy at a healthy body condition weight for the entire duration of life. 

Buyer acknowledges that there is NO guarantee on puppies final coat, weight, color, texture or amount of shedding.

The buyer agrees that the puppy is not to be left solely in a backyard or kennel and will be aloud to spend substantial quality time in the home with family members. The puppy is sold with the understanding that it was to go to a carefully selected parties. The buyer agrees that the puppy become a member of the family. 

This agreement is made and signed by both parties to ensure the well being and protection of this puppy. If any part of this agreement is breeched the seller is released from any further obligation here under. 

Should the seller need to seek legal action against the buyer for violations of this agreement, the buyer will assume any and all costs for attorney and court fees. 

The 12 month Health guarantees the puppy is in good health, is up to date in immunizations appropriate for the puppies age and has appropriate de-wormings at the time the buyer takes posession. The buyer has 72 hours to take puppy to vetrinarian for an examination and email report to seller. If the puppy is not taken to a Licensed vetrinarian within 72 hours of receiving the puppy the health guranetee is void. This guarantee does not include any maladies that are common among any living creatures such as ear infections, food or environmental allergies, miss-aligned teeth and hernia. It does not cover any viral illness including but not limited to parvo and distemper. This is due to the exposure puppies get after leaving our closed facilities. 

Great care has been excercised to ensure the puppy is free of parasites, worms, coccidia and giarda. These are common in puppies. The guarantee does not cover these very treatable conditions as could be from the stress of moving, over handling or lack of rest or proper diet. 

We also do not cover any orthopedic diagnosis at any time as we are not able to monitor or regulate the puppies weight, excercise of activities which can result in an orthopedic diagnosis. Seller provides a 12 month gurantee against any debilitating congenital defects. If it is dertermined the puppy does have a genetic or severe health disorder that is identified within the first 12 months of purchase that is designated severe or life threatening 2 independant veterinarian's one of sellers choice; buyer has option to replace puppy from next available litter or reimbursement up to half of orginal purchase price of puppy. Shipping Fees will not be reimbursed. We cannot guarantee that there will be no health problems as some things cannot be predicted. All breeding parents are free of disease, disorders and healthy problems otherwise we would not breed them. 

Breeder will not replace or refund for any personal reasons but not limited to allergies, mortality, landlords dissaproval, family disagreement or any other problems not related to health. Upon taking ownership of puppy the buyer accepts healthy guarantee as stated above.

The owner of puppy and breeder and or seller of the puppy agree that the contract will be governed by the laws of the state of california and may not be altered, modified or resended unless agreed to in writing by the new owner and seller. I the buyer having read the above with full understanding of the contents here in willingly enter into this full agreement. 

If puppy is bred before her second heat or one year of age this guarantee is void.

Ivy League Chihuahuas                                                                              
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